Everything we do is part of our spiritual path

Everything is connected

When John was diagnosed with cancer in 1993, he began seeking healing with both allopathic and alternative methods. In 1999 he discovered shamanism and has been a student of that spiritual path ever since. His spirits guided him to buying a farm and growing hemp. In their unique way, they also guided the reunion of our family. 

Rob and Eve have both been seekers and students of several spiritual paths along the way. Learning how to build a business as humble beings who are in service of the spirit world —which includes all things, nature and plants—is a continuing journey for all three of us. 

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is a spiritual approach to solving problems. In this practice, “non-ordinary” reality, an altered state of consciousness, is accessed through a meditative journey. Non-ordinary reality is inhabited by what we call Spirits—beings who, while not physical, are conscious, intelligent and powerful. The Spirits guide us on our mission to reunite people with nature, healing, themselves and each other. They also imbue our products with spiritual energy through a consecration ritual performed on everything we offer.

In 1979, Dr. Michael Harner started the foundation for shamanic studies, after spending much of his life studying indigenous spiritual practices and finding that no matter where in the world shamanism was practiced, there were many things in common. These commonalities were concentrated into core shamanism, which is what John has been studying for over 22 years. 

The intention of core shamanism is to bring ancient spiritual practices into the modern world— and anyone can practice it. However, some people, like John, are called to it.

A business guided by Spirit 

A question we hold is what does it mean to be in business for more than ourselves. We are stepping into a spiritual calling to be messengers of the plants. The plants are the helpers and the healers, we are simply a vehicle to get their medicine and messages to the people who are ready to receive them. 

Ceremonies are regularly held on the land. While the plants are growing, John spends time with them in the field every day, singing songs of devotion and love to them. Every product is blessed by John's spirits prior to being shipped off from the farm. There is sacred energy put into everything reunion creates and sends out into the world. 

The spirits have told John numerous times that the work we are doing will change the trajectory of several people's lives. We are so humbled to be doing what we do.