We are deeply rooted in science

Chemistry has been a life-long love and pursuit for co-founder Dr. John Simonsen, who has been a PhD university professor for over 30 years. He was responsible for the first ever college accredited course in Industrial Hemp and has been at the helm of many research and development projects involving hemp-derived innovations. 

As a brand, science is in everything we do, and in every way we do it. It is infused into our farming practices, formulations and processing. It is discussed with enthusiasm at the dinner table. We are constantly seeking and trying new ways of doing things, then perfecting when we find what works, only to keep seeking again. 

For us, science is everything. It is all of nature, and in all of spirituality. 

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Third-Party Lab Reports

We send all of our products to be tested by a third party laboratory. Not only is it imperative that we ensure the quality, purity, and potency of our hemp for our own integrity, but so that you can be assured that what we say you are getting is actually what you get.