Our brand
grew out of our own family’s reunion

our story

After many years apart, a spiritual calling to buy a farm and grow hemp began the journey of our reconnection. Now our intention is to help open the door for other people to have their own reunions. Whether it be with body and mind, spirit and nature or with other people, what we are cultivating is connection. And the plants are here for that too…

John Simonsen Co-Founder and CSO

Attracted to chemistry at an early age, it has become a life-long pursuit for me as a PhD university professor for over 30 years. After being diagnosed with cancer in 1993, I began seeking healing with both allopathic and alternative methods. In 1999 I discovered shamanism and have been a student of that spiritual path ever since. Guided by my teachers, both incarnate and spirit, I continue to combine science and spirit in service to the greatest good.

Eve Simonsen Co-Founder and CEO

Following my heart and a calling to the world of plant medicine, my mission is to help people find a healing path through reconnecting with themselves in their purest forms. Prior to my full shift into the world of plant assisted healing, I spent many years producing events. My passions also include advocacy and community-focused endeavors—I've served as a board member of several non-profit and political organizations. I am also a certified health coach and yoga teacher.

Rob Simonsen Co-Founder and CFO

I have spent my professional career creating music for film. Alongside this passion, I've held a deep interest in healing from my teenage years, exploring and immersing myself in diverse holistic and natural medical approaches. My journey led me to the fascinating realm of plants, and through visionary experiences, it became unmistakably clear that my path was to join the family endeavor that is Reunion.