From nature comes healing

Double the dose of Rebalance 750 mg. Designed by nature and fine-tuned by our careful processing, this leading cannabinoid found in the hemp plant helps your body find an equilibrium, restoring you to your most balanced state so that you may reconnect with your center.

Ingredient List

  • Organic MCT Oil
  • Organic CBD Hemp Extract


Organic CBD

Pure and simple; extracted from certified organic hemp plants.

Organic MCT Oil

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are fats that are naturally found in coconut oil

01   Discover your Dose

Finding the right dose is a process and may take some experimentation. If you're new to CBD, we suggest starting with 1/4 dropper (.25 ml = 12.6 mg cbd) per use and increase as needed. Rebalance can be taken any time, day or night. Most people report best results with consistent use. 

02   Suggested Use

The fastest form of absorption is sub-lingual. Select the desired dose and place the tincture under tongue. You can also mix it in any hot beverage, juice or smoothie.  Store the bottle at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. 

03   Create A Ritual

The grounding and healing that plants offer can be enhanced by creating a ritual around how you use them. Integrating mindfulness, intention and consistency with your CBD use can also open the door to great transformation in your life.

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